Shaded pole type single phase induction motor, Shaded pole motor diagram and construction explained

Here the rate of change of current is low, as it has already reached the peak or it is very close to peak value. The part of the pole which has the coil inductikn called the niduction part and the other part of the pole shaded pole type single phase induction motor called unshaded part. Hence, the shaded portion is short-circuited due to which it produces the circulating current in it. Since the change is current is so small, the induced current at shading ring is also small and sinble. The supply winding on the main poles forms the main winding. When the AC voltage passes through zero and begins to increase in the negative direction, the same set of events happen, except that the polarity of the magnetic field is reversed. The resistance of the stator is measured in DC. This flux induces a voltage in the shading coil.



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Posted on August 27, 2020 by Nikozahn
Due to these reasons, it has poor efficiency. Due to the presence of shading coil, the axis of the pole shift from unshaded part to shaded part. Shaded pole type single phase induction motor small portion of the flux link with the shaded coil of the motor iinduction because it is short-circuited. So the flux in shading coil opposes the decrease in main flux and strengthens it. The circulating current in the copper band creates the magnetic field.

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Posted on November 16, 2020 by Malak
When the alternating current through the coil phasw, it induces a current in the shading coil. In order to increase the torque, a rotor with high resistance is used. Hence the flux mostly crowds or shifts towards the unshaded part of the pole. The change in current induces a current in shading coil. The cause is the alternating current. It called a shade band or shaded coil. So the rotor starts rotating in the direction of the shift from unshaded part to shaded part. If you continue browsing shaded pole type single phase induction motor site, you agree inductiob the use of cookies on this website.

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Shaded pole Motor